Ted McLyman 

The common wisdom about achieving success is WRONG. Success is about discovering and managing YOUR UNIQUE MONEY TEMPERAMENT. That's what you'll learn here. 

What I Do...

Ted McLymanCEO, Author, Entrepreneur                 

Thanks for dropping by. You're in the right place. I want to help you succeed...
Here you'll learn how to identify and understand how your unique money temperament impacts your success. Then, I'll help you build a business strategy around your money temperament. 

Tony JearyBusiness Strategist, Coach and Author                 

As a business strategist who deals in results and behavioral consequences every day, I quickly recognized the immense value in Ted McLyman's behavioral financial planning model. It represents a powerful paradigm shift that I believe will rock the financial industry, restore confidence, and create results..."

Key Topics We'll Talk About...

Money Temperament

Humans aren't hardwired to work well with money. Our biology, culture, and money beliefs keep getting in the way. Plus, the behavior that "kept us alive in the forest, is killing us at the mall."  To survive and thrive in today's economy, you must know and apply your unique Money Temperament. Do you know your Money Temperament? 

Success Strategies

 The common wisdom about success is wrong. Success has little to do with money. However, it has a great deal to do with knowing and applying your unique Money Temperament to your personal and professional life. Knowing how you think and feel about money is the starting point. Does your success strategy match your Money Temperament?

Business Opportunities

We like to "chase the shiny." We're wired to follow the crowd - scurrying after fads, gurus, tools and techniques. We waste time and money looking for the elusive "answer" without asking if "this" fits how we think and feel about money. A great opportunity that doesn't fit will fail.  Does your opportunity fit your Money Temperament?

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