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Merry Christmas . . . Yeah, I have the receipt. Why?

Nothing says Merry Christmas, and I love you, like pre-packaged food from a major national restaurant chain. I know, because I’ve just been to the mall, and guys are lined up buying this stuff. I bet there are going to be lots of happy gals come Christmas morning when they get these special gifts.

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Why Outies Go Into Sales (And Why Innies Should)

Guest Blogger: Rich Virgilio, CFO Apexx Behavioral Soultions Group, developer of the “Money Temperament Profile” First let’s define “Outie” as a person who prefers to spend time and energy interacting with the outer world, engaging others, and is unhesitatingly capable of carrying a whole conversation alone.  An “Innie” is defined as a person who prefers […]

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