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Blog: Money Made Personal

"The Common Wisdom About Money Is Wrong.

Manage Your Behavior, Then Your Money." - Ted McLyman

The common wisdom about money is wrong. Success is about knowing and managing your money behavior - then your money. 

Let me ask you, "Have you ever run into a grocery store to buy milk and bread, only to spend a small fortune, and also forget the milk and bread?"

Have you ever wondered why people behave so differently with money? ​Why one person's money beliefs seem rational while someone else's seem so irrational?

Are you frustrated that the "rules" of money have changed? And that what seemed to work just a little while ago doesn't work today? 

If this is you, then you are in the right place...​

​Young or old, entrepreneur or employee, sales-person or management, working or retired - it doesn't matter. Success with money is about knowing and managing money temperament - not money product and services.

The traditional "thinking-brain" approach to money is not suited to our ever increasing "feeling-brain" world.​ And that's the problem.

​Today's economy is unlike any economy we've ever experienced. And it's moving at warp speed... 

Research shows that 95 to 99 percent of our money decisions are emotional and unconscious. And you thought you were in control.

Behavior matters. A lot.​

I'll be talking from my research and findings about people and money discovered while writing my book, "Money Make Me Crazy, A Prescription for Money Sanity."​

Follow along. Participate. Contribute. This is new and important stuff. And it might change your life...​

​My goal is to help you better understand how you think and feel about money.

Hopefully, this will help you make better money decisions and in turn build stronger relationships - with family, friends, prospects, clients, and customers.

If you believe success with money, and business, is more about relationships and managing behavior than owning the right products and services; we need to get to know each other.

Join the conversation and become a master of money behavior.

Ted McLyman
Founder and CEO
Apexx Behavioral Solutions Group​


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