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Did You Buy A Father’s Day Gift – And A Little Something For Yourself Too?

I just validated that I’m a great son. After an intense 5 or 10 minutes of online shopping by my wife–I think she checked at Father's Day giftleast one other site than Amazon. She (we) found the perfect Father’s Day gift for my 90-year-old dad who has everything. We ordered “healthy” cookies. And he’ll get them tomorrow – I love technology …

I (my wife) was going to buy him a new pair of walking shoes – yes, he still walks a couple of miles a day! He’s in better shape than some of my friends. However, he just bought a new pair himself. Regardless, I’m getting off message.

Have you noticed that there is a secret conspiracy among the greeting card, candy, and retail industries to guilt us into buying something for someone about every six weeks throughout the year? Check a calendar. There seem to be more national “spending events” than ever before. And if there’s a gap, some marketing genius invents a new reason to spend.

Granted I love all the new flavors and colors of M&Ms that seem to arrive in sequence event after event. Pay attention … the conspiracy is much more insidious than selling a few million pounds of candy.

Retailers have figured out that we are so weak with our money that when we buy a card, candy, or even a Father’s Day gift, we usually buy something else. Now, do you get it? If a retailer can guilt you into participating in a “designated” spending event, you’ll not only spend money for the “event” you’ll also spend money on yourselves. Brilliant …!

Yeah, dad got cookies, but so did I – a few other things. And I do this spending thing for a living. I know the game. But I still fall for it.

Assuming you are wired like me, let me ask you a few questions about your spending.

  • Have you ever run into a store to buy something inexpensive and spent more than you had planned?
  • Have you ever bought something for yourself while shopping for someone else?
  • Have you ever bought something for someone, and you’re not sure why you should but did anyway?
  • Have you ever bought something for someone because its “expected” to even though you didn’t really want to?

We all have. These are not trick questions. There is no right or wrong answer. What’s happening is you, and me, behaving very human with our money. I call this your natural Money Temperament… which you should know.

How you think and feel about money is complex. It’s a function of your biology, money beliefs, and culture. And to make all this more interesting, you generally don’t think about your spending – most spending is 95 – 99% unconscious.

That’s why you blew your budget last week.

Here are the six money temperament from my book, Money Make Me Crazy, A Prescription for Money Sanity.

  • Spending Habits: Do you like to spend, or are you more of a saver?
  • Head and Heart: Do you think through your purchases logically, or do you just go with your gut?
  • Second Thoughts: Do you agonize over what you buy, or move on quickly?
  • Loss: Do you like to “live on the edge,” or no drama?
  • Energy Efforts: Do you always need the best, or can you accept a bit less?
  • Taking Action: Do you have to be fully engaged in buying decision, or are your hands off?

Now the tough question. Does your money temperament support what you want out of life — your long-term life values? Again, there is no right answer and don’t judge. This is all about you.

Here’s the kicker… Will the way you make spending decisions today get you what you value most in the future?

My point is that your money temperament is unique to you. It is unconscious. And you need to know what it is.

You know I’m right. Why? Because you have money stories… good, bad, and ugly.

Father's day giftThe issue is not making sure you buy the perfect Father’s Day gift. The real problem is discovering and understanding your Money Temperament. Why? Because your spending behavior can get in the way of important life values – family, retirement, charitable giving, and so on. I’m sure you know… this can be a problem.

Look at your checkbook and your calendar, what does it tell you about your Money Temperament? What is your relationship with money? Based on your spending behavior, what’s important to you? How’s that make you feel?

Is it time for a change? Or, is it business as usual? What’s your plan? It’s your choice.

For the full story check out my book.

I know we found the perfect Father’s Day gift because he loved the cookies we sent him on Ground Hog Day.

– Ted



I have co-authored a new book with FUBU co-founder J. Alexander Martin. It will be released July 4, 2017.

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