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Do You Have “Call List” PTSD?

Phone PTSDDo you break out into a cold sweat when someone yells, “Make a list and get back on the phone!”? Does your hand tremble and get all clammy when you reach for the receiver? At night, do you have flashbacks to your pre-licensing days when you were told, “You can’t leave the office until you show me a call list with at least 100 names on it.”? If so, then you might have “Call list PTSD.”

I feel your pain. I’ve been there. I’ve been in the trenches. I know what’s it’s like. And sometimes it isn’t pretty.

I can make a list — even one with people I actually know on it. That’s the easy part. The challenge is turning the list into business. And this is where the process always seems to break down. My call-to-appointment ratios were pretty good — I’m still here. But lots of new folks never seemed to get it and were either fired or just seemed to “go away.” Too bad. They had potential . . .

Does any of this sound familiar?

“This is a numbers game. Make the appointment. Do this enough and you will be successful. Make a list. Let me help.

  • Who do you know?
  • What’s you natural market?
  • List your family, friends, and neighbors.
  • What are your hobbies and interests? Who do you know . . . ?
  • Who has “money in motion?”
  • Who is getting ready to retire?
  • How about your ________ (father’s, mother’s, wife’s, etc.) friends and associates?
  • Who has a job?
  • Who has some money?
  • Who has a life?
  • Who can fog a mirror?
  • Don’t you know anyone?
  • Just one more call . . . ”

This can be scary stuff! In fact, it is. Here’s an example. I did a book event at the University of Georgia Business School a while back. This was a lot of fun, and it gave me the opportunity to talk with a number of students who were thinking about a financial service’s career. I did my best to talk up the industry. However, I was shocked and dismayed to learn that most of the students I talked to were totally turned off by the industry. It seemed that after internships with traditional insurance and security firms, they had “Call List PTSD.”

And we wonder why it’s so hard to recruit.

Check back — more to follow . . .

Chief Command Pilot — Ted

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