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J. Alexander Martin


Learn the Secrets that Changed J's Thinking About Money
  • Easy Read. No jargon, confusing graphs or charts - only what you need to get started fast ...
  • Revolutionary Approach. Success with money is about understanding and managing your behavior - not your money. Learn how ...
  • Life Changing Results. Learn how to discover you unique Money Temperament and why it is critical to your success ...

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Daymond John, FUBU Co-Founder & Shark Tank Investor

“J and Ted build a compelling case that our biology, beliefs, and culture conspire against us when we spend our money. The result is, missed opportunities and irrational spending on things, we neither need nor, sometimes, can afford.I know because this happens to people I know and to me. I probably can match J story-for-story on crazy spending. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve squandered over the years.”

In the Book, You Will Discover Why Money Is So Hard:

Biology, Beliefs, & Culture

Learn why your biology, beliefs, and culture make it so difficult to achieve financial success and peace of mind.

The Rules Have Changed

Learn why the traditional one-size-fits-all approach to money does not work and may be making you poorer.

Money Values & Temperament

Learn the two critical steps traditional financial gurus, self-help experts, and financial professionals miss.

How To Create Wealth

Learn why your money-mindset is destroying your chances for financial success and what you must do now to fix it.

About the Author: J. Alexander Martin

Co Founder Exec VP FUBU The Collection, Founder and President of FUBU Television Network, President of the New Your State Black Chamber of Commerce, fashion designer, stylist, host, speaker, fashion consultant, author, and television personality.

About the Author: Ted McLyman

Founder and CEO of Apexx Behavioral Solutions Group, author of Money makes Me Crazy! A Prescription for Money Sanity, creator of the "Quick Scan Money Temperament Assessment," educator, trainer, speaker, and experience financial advisor and agent.


  • I'm Living The Dream
  • Money Does Make Me Crazy
  • You Don't Think About Money - You Feel It
  • Why Did It Take So Long To Figure This Out?
  • The One Question You Must Answer
  • I Could Have Saved Millions
  • My Brain On Money
  • 24/7 & 365
  • It's Not About Money
  • You Live In A Bubble


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The common wisdom about money is wrong. Financial success is about managing behavior - not money. It's time to change what you know about money and success. 

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