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Help Me Improve My Blog Design


So, what’s on your mind? Let’s talk.


I need your help to improve my blog design. I’ve been at this for about a month. It’s time for some tweaking.

Originally, I wanted to write about people and money. My premise was to write about how humans think and feel about money. I thought  something light, non-technical, and broad enough to cover general money behavior.

The “experts” all said the premise is too broad. I needed to narrow it down to a smaller niche audience.

I thought, okay, how about the financial services industry? I have lots of great content from my years as an instructor, policy guy, financial advisor, district manager, and independent practice owner.

The “experts” said this is still too broad. The financial services industry covers everything from securities and insurance, to real estate and banking.

I thought hard. Our behavioral research and tools really focused on the front end of the industry – how to engage, acquire, and retain clients. The problem most professionals seem to have is how to get a qualified prospect into their office. Once they’re there, good things often happen.

That made sense to me. All the trade magazines are talking about prospecting. They are also talking about behavioral things – behavioral finance and economics. Good.

I decided to move in that direction. Then, after talking with a number of different people, I found out that the engagement problem is not just a financial services industry issue. It’s also a problem for medicine, dentistry, accounting, law, and just about every profession that requires a license. Interesting.

The “professions” are experiencing significant change. Many of their traditional products and services are becoming more and more commodity-like. Therefore, the days are over when a licensed professional had a monopoly over information, products, and services.

Their competition is the internet, younger skilled technicians, and second- and third-world professionals. It’s hard to hold yourself out as the exclusive “expert” in a profession when there are so many options – all of which are discussed in real time via social media.

I have experience, research, and thoughts on all this. So, where do you think I should go with the blog design? What do you think should be the focus?

Making this blog work is an iterative process – continual improvement. Do I go narrow and specific or broad and general?

Here’s what I know. Our economy is about people and money. Unfortunately, most folks aren’t very good at either.

Help me improve my blog design.

Please e-mail me at: Better yet, give me a call: 705-860-2490.

Let’s figure out how we can change the world together.

The Chief Command Pilot – Ted