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Joe Jordan is “Living a Life of Significance”

“A life of significance is not a sprint; it's a marathon.”
– Joe Jordan, Living A Life of Significance

I had the pleasure of having lunch with Joe and his lovely wife, Geraldine, in January. We were both in Boston meeting with our common PR firm, Ictus Initiative. I was recording some Command Pilot videos, and Joe was putting the finishing touches on the second edition of his wildly successful book, “Living a Life of Significance.”

If you don't know who Joe Jordan is, you should. And if you don't have a copy of his book, you need one – regardless of your vocation.

Joe has an infectious zest for life, a love of people, and unflinching pride and passion for his profession – insurance. That's right. Joe is an insurance salesman. He is also a very, very good one.

"Living a Life of Significance is a heartfelt reflection and retrospect of Joe's 30-plus years' experience as a producer, manager, and senior financial services executive. His insights and passion for the industry are energizing. And his pride and passion for the impact agents make in the lives of their clients is inspiring.

The last few years have been challenging for insurance agents and financial advisors. Many are questioning their decision to enter the industry. Joe addresses this question. He builds the narrative that the financial services industry is one of the few professions that allows you to “live a life of significance and do something bigger than yourself.”

Joe's message is simple and powerful:

By ensuring that individuals can protect their assets and their personal dignity, and by helping them to build a meaningful legacy, you will build your own legacy as well – one of quiet, heroic significance . . . Living a life of significance begins with the impact you can have on the lives of your clients . . . If nothing else, I want you to be proud and enthusiastic about what you do. – Joe Jordan

Joe's challenge for the industry – especially insurance agents – is simple; take pride in your profession. What you do is significant. Do it with passion and enthusiasm. Do not quit. Persevere. Trust yourself and what you are doing. Focus on effort through a personal “Daily Contact Commitment.” And in the end, you will be rewarded with a lasting personal and professional legacy.

Joe's message is timely and timeless. Be a steward and advocate for your clients. And always, live a life of significance.

Living a Life of Significance” is available at, Barnes and Noble, and Joe's website. Order your copy now. It will change your business and your life.

– Ted