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Prospecting 101: Find Your Next Prospect At A Yard Sale


Yard sales are a great place to prospect.

You are a sales pro. Prospecting is a way of life. It’s what you do.

Your feeling brain is constantly scanning for opportunities to engage. And when the time is right, you immediately, and unconsciously, work your magic.

The suburban yard sale is as American as March Madness. And depending on how you are wired, just as crazy.

It’s time to get out there and build your business. Think about it. People who would never let you on to their property, gladly invite you to rummage through their belongings at a yard sale. Prospecting doesn’t get any easier.

Try this:

  • Find a community yard sale in a neighborhood where your ideal prospect might live. I know, Bill Gates and his friends don’t have yard sales – adjust your search accordingly.
  • Dress casually with an “understated” successful look – Lands End and L.L. Bean always work.
  • Decide what you are “shopping” for. I recommend it be something small and collectable that you know something about that will generate small talk – music, books, art, etc. The goal is to engage the owner and start a conversation. Gently probe for common interests. Ask why they bought an item and why they are selling it. Let them talk. Don’t push too hard. Listen with your eyes.
  • It’s all about situational awareness. Be aware of your surroundings, other shoppers, and their “lifestyle.”  Think of this as collecting intelligence.
  • I don’t recommend you buy anything – unless you do find a first edition of the Constitution or something like that. Instead, take out one of your cards, write on the back what you are looking for, and give it to the owner. Ask them to contact you if they have what you want or know someone who does. (Be prepared to buy if they do call).
  • Now that they have your card, it’s okay to talk a little bit about what you do. Ask them who they are currently working with.
  • Ask permission to contact them. This has to be very subtle. Remember, it’s all about them. You are there to find a prospect – not sell something. Make this almost “matter-of-fact.”
  • You now have a prospect – and maybe a limited-edition Pink Floyd album.

We’ve developed a new technology that’s having great success in the financial services industry. It’s called the Money Temperament Quick Scan. Here’s the abridged version of what it is and how to use it.

The Quick Scan is an 18 question assessment that helps determine how someone thinks and feels about money – their Money Temperament.

Here’s a tip on one way to use it. Simply ask if your prospect knows their Money Temperament. Offer to e-mail them a link for a free no obligation assessment. If they say they’re not interested, probe a bit. If they are interested, get their e-mail and send the link. Then call to review the results.

Now, get out of the house and build your business.

The Chief Command Pilot – Ted