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Selling Inside Out! Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Clients

NAO_JanFeb2013-CoverI made the cover of this month’s NAFA Annuity Outlook magazine –  not me, but my article did.

It’s about money and people — not annuities. Trust me. The article has some good stuff that can help you make better money decisions.

I’d be surprised if this is a magazine you subscribe to. It’s a trade mag for the fixed annuity industry. Regardless, it has a lot of good information on building solid relationships with clients and prospects.

You can link to it here: Winning their Hearts and Minds – How to Sell from the Inside Out

Here’s the first paragraph:

“Starting strong in 2013

Over the past few decades, the rules of money have changed for advisors as technology has made financial services one-step short of a commodity. Unfortunately, this caused trust to disappear, along with our clients’ pensions. Quite simply, being an advisor is no longer only about offering financial products or services –  this is actually the easy part. now, it’s all about you, and whether you can win the hearts and minds of your clients.”

Like I said, this is good stuff.

  • If your success depends on building and sustaining prospect, customer, or client relationships, I suggest you read the article.
  • If you are still prospecting for the “sale” and not the relationship, 2013 might be a long year for you.
  • The future of sales is understanding how the “heart and mind” works with money – then selling something.

I bet there is something in this article that will help you become more successful. Read the article and tell me why I’m wrong.

Money Made Personal –  Ted

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