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Shark Tank Investor and FUBU Co-Founder Daymond John Says This Is A “Must Read”

Daymond John

I’ve just released a book co-authored with FUBU co-founder J. Alexander Martin titled, Money Makes Me Crazy: How I Squandered Millions Of Dollars Building The FUBU Empire

Below is the forward from the book by J’s FUBU partner, Daymond John.

Forward from Money Makes Me Crazy: How I Squandered Millions Of Dollars Building The FUBU Empire


This is an important book. I recommend you buy three copies. The first, you must read and highlight with notes. Keep this copy on your desk as a reference. Send the second copy to your financial advisor. And give the last copy to someone you care about. I guarantee they will thank you.

J and Ted build a compelling case that our biology, beliefs, and culture conspire against us when we spend our money. The result is, missed opportunities and irrational spending on things, we neither need nor, sometimes, can afford. I know because this happens to people I know and to me. I probably can match J story-for-story on crazy spending. I don’t even want to think about how much money I’ve squandered over the years.

I know from my experience with Shark Tank that people do not appreciate how emotional money is. In fact, I doubt anyone would watch the show if we asked each contestant to sit at a table next to their lawyer and brief their business plan with supporting spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and market projections. I know I wouldn’t watch, and I’m on the show. Our viewers watch every week to see and share the emotions of real people making potentially life changing money decisions. And it’s the emotions you see on Shark Tank that J and Ted talk about in this important book.

J and I have been friends since junior high school. He’s like a brother to me. We have shared the good, the bad, and the ugly about building a business and money. Fortunately for us, most of it has been magnificent. However, I can’t help but wonder how much better the money would have been if we had this book when we were getting started. Just knowing something as simple as our Money Temperament would have saved us countless hours and millions of dollars. Like most people, I learned about money the hard way – through life. This book offers a better way.

This is an easy and fast read. The information they present is common sense and appropriate to anyone who works with people and spends money. I’m amazed I’ve never heard of any of this before. Well, I believe things are about to change. I predict their behavioral approach to money will soon become required reading in schools and colleges, sales training programs, for professional athletes and entertainers, and the foundation for personal finance education. Soon, everyone will be talking about their Money Values and Money Temperament. It’s that important.

J and Ted intend to create a movement with this book – and maybe change the world of money in the process. Behavior matters, and it’s time to put people before products. This has a nice ring to it. I’m with J on this, and I challenge you to join the movement. Help us change the world.

– Daymond John, Shark Tank Investor, FUBU Co-Founder, speaker, and author.

Daymond John

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