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A Key Point Most Sales Prospecting Tips Miss

sales prospecting tips

A Key Point Most Sales Prospecting Tips Miss Let’s face it. Prospecting is hard. Most people have a “love – hate” relationship with the whole thing. Regardless what you think about prospecting … you have to do it. If you don’t, you don’t have a business. And there is only so much of this that […]

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Attack Life Like An Ironman


Attack Life Like An Ironman The pollen is in the air – at least in Georgia. That means triathlon training is starting to ramp-up. This year I’ve decided to qualify again for the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in my age group (old guys). I know… why? Well it’s easier than golf… Which gives you an […]

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What Our “Easy Bias” at the Gym Can Teach Us About Money

Our brains are wired to conserve energy. This means, if we have a choice, we tend to unconsciously move toward the path of least resistance. I call this our “easy bias.”We all do this – it’s our nature. And unfortunately, this can cause problems with our money. It’s hard work to make and follow a […]

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The “Times They Are a-Changin” – Are You?

Bob Dylan got it right. The times are a-changin – at warp speed. The question is, are you? Are you locked into a 1960’s mindset with your career?Here’s the deal, the rules of work and money have changed. And I bet you never got the memo.The mantra has always been, “Get a good education. Find […]

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How to Spend and Save In Today’s Economy

Crazy money, stupid money Have you ever run into a grocery store to pick up milk and bread and end up spending a small fortune on stuff you didn’t need? Do you spend more with credit cards than you do with cash? Have you ever ridden along with a friend who wanted to buy something […]

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