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We’re Moving Our Office – Again


Move your office and learn something new.


It’s time for another office move. I seem to do this a lot.

I don’t necessarily like to move – it’s always a hassle. However, it’s also very energizing. It always gets the juices going again. That I love.

Since I’m busy, this is going to be short.

Here’s what a move can teach you:

  • It never goes as well as you planned.
  • It never goes as badly as you feared.
  • It always cost more than you budgeted.
  • Planning is important, details matter, but be flexible.
  • Know what you are good at, know what you can’t do, and delegate.
  • Build a team; empower and trust them.
  • Have standards – but not crazy stupid standards.
  • Start early.
  • Work late.
  • A sense of humor is critical.
  • Say thank you – a lot.
  • Smile . . .
  • Know the name of the most junior person on the truck and take care of him or her. It’s amazing what they can do – good and bad.
  • Hold the senior member of the crew accountable and let them do their job.
  • Share a pizza with the crew. You’ll always learn something new.
  • When the lady who’s been packing boxes for twenty years suggests you add extra packing – listen.
  • You will learn something about the true character and work ethic of your office mates. A little manual work will do that.
  • You are in charge, your are accountable, you write the check, and you can’t do it alone.

That’s enough for now. I have to go help carry a copier up a flight of stairs. I love it . . .

– Ted