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Who Gives A Luxury Car As A Gift?

What am I missing?

Who are these 30 something couples I see on TV who give luxury cars as gifts? They certainly don’t hang out in the places I go to.

Why does the guy always need a shave? Is this sexy and a mark of sophistication and affluence? Or just poor hygiene? If I go a day without shaving I look like I need a job and a drink.

Where do these people live? It can’t be in the South. It’s always cold and snowy where they park the car. And it’s invariably the nice light white stuff. Not the heavy, grey slush I had to shovel as a kid.

Where do they buy the ribbon? I’m a bit of a ribbon expert. My wife is a quilter. I’ve been dragged to so many quilt and fabric shops; I’ve lost count. So, I can tell you from experience, “wrap a car” ribbon doesn’t exist. If you don’t believe me, ask any fabric Sherpa queued up in the special seats patiently waiting for their wives. They know.

Ask yourself, have you ever met a family as attractive as these people? A team of Hollywood plastic surgeons couldn’t build a family that looks as good.

I guess these folks are doing something right–brilliant, lucky, married well, a trust fund, could be anything. They’re just not the folks I know. Wait, aren’t these people the 1%? Aren’t they, well, bad? If that’s the case, why put them in a commercial?

Oh yeah, and what’s the guy in the commercial supposed to do when his wife buys him a car, and he got her was a vacuum–a very nice one–and a matched set of Black & Decker power tools? Now that would be awkward.

For most families, the opportunity cost of a luxury car is a college education, a secure retirement, or a year’s wages. However, that doesn’t matter. Our subconscious feeling brain wants to be just like them. And the car “guys” know it.

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