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www.iPlan.com – Check It Out

For the last few years I've been collaborating with some very talented people to develop a new planning software program. We call it iPlan.

I'd like you to check it out (www.iplan.com) and give it a try.

Our vision was to develop a planning software for both the consumer (free) and the pro (not so free) that are easy to use, objective, and different.

Different because you don't have to fill out a 75 page 8 point data collection form. I hate filling out those things – as do most people. And I wonder how many people never do any planning just because they aren't wired to fill out all the data collection forms. Frightening.

So we got rid of all the data collection stuff we thought was annoying and unnecessary. We then cranked in some behavioral stuff – because success with money is about managing behavior, not money.

We ended up developing a very cool planning tool. It has a unique and patented scoring system that helps you see where you are and helps you figure out what you need to do. It's elegantly simple – think 100 point scoring system and street lights. And it works.

We've come a long way since our first meeting at a McDonald's near exit 130 off US 20 in Georgia. Looking back, it's amazing what can come from a “napkin” brainstorming session over French fries.

Now we want to change the world . . .

Wanta help?